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Unformatted text preview: percent.) 21) The test scores of 40 students are listed below. 25 66 80 35 68 81 43 69 81 44 69 82 47 71 83 48 72 85 54 72 89 55 73 92 56 74 93 57 76 94 59 77 97 62 77 98 63 78 Construct a box- and- whisker plot for the given data. 22) The office manager at an accounting firm counted the number of employees that were in the coffee room each hour during the work week. The results are summarized in the following bar graph. a. Find the mean of the given data. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. b. Find the median. c. Find the mode. 65 79 23) Use the information to complete a circle graph. Note that the circle is divided into 100 equal sections. Intended major of 400 high school students: Science: 128 Social Science: 32 Humanities: 80 Business: 64 Other: 96 24) In a school survey, students showed these preferences for instructional materials. Answer the question. a. About how many students would you expect to prefer computers in a school of 350 students? b. About how many students would you expect to prefer TV in a school of 400 students? c. How many degrees are in the central angle for 36%? Answer Key Testname: T102 CHAP 10 REVIEW 1) The mean describes the centering of the data -- gives one value to describe the entire set. The standard deviations describes how the data is dispersed or spread out. 2) The first statement impli...
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