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T102 CHAPTER 10 REVIEW THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLING OF POSSIBLE QUESTIONS. BE SURE TO REVIEW ALL HOMEWORK AND CLASS NOTES. Please note that on the answer key many graphs are not present. Also note that titles and labels of the appearing graphs are not present. This is due to the computer generation of the answer key. 1) When given a set of data, it is very common to determine the mean and the standard deviation . Explain the difference between these two descriptive measures of a data set. That is, why do we need both? 2) What differences are there between the following two statements, and which one do you believe? a. Drunk drivers cause about half of all fatal car crashes. b. Of all fatal motor vehicle crashes, about 50% involve alcohol. 3) A college conducts a survery of its alumni in an attempt to determine the typical annual salary of its graduates. Name two factors that might influence the result. 4) A researcher published this survey result: ʺ 74% of people would be willing to spend 10% more for energy from a non - polluting source ʺ . The survey question was announced on a national radio show and 1,200 listeners responded by calling in. What is wrong with this survey? 5) The pH for patient ʹ s blood during one week is shown below: 7.49 7.25 7.25 7.15 7.49 a. Find the mean. b. Find the mode SHOW ALL WORK FOR EACH. c. Find the median d. Find the range e. Find the standard deviation for the data. Round to 4 decimal places. 6) If the mean of a set of 36 scores is 27 and two more scores of 40 and 42 are added, what is the new mean? Round to 3 decimal places. 7) On an English exam, the scores were as follows: 43 91 73 65 56 77 82 91 82 65 98 65 SHOW ALL WORK FOR EACH. a. Find the mean. d. Find the range. b. Find the mode. e. Find the standard deviation. (Round to 4 dps) c. Find the median.
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