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Unformatted text preview: he 5th exam to have an average of an 82%? 16) Ann and David worked together to grade the exams from Annʹs English class. Ann graded 20 papers and found that the mean of her group was an 85. David graded 15 papers and found that the mean of his group was a 78. What was the mean of the entire class? 17) The number of male and female students in the College of Natural Science are listed below by major. Make a double bar graph for the data. Number of Male Students Major Mathematics 100 Chemistry 100 Biology 150 Geology 150 Computer Science 75 Number of Female Students 50 200 200 100 125 18) Students in Mr. Masonʹs classes collected items from different countries. The data show how many of each item one class collected. Construct a bar graph for the frequency data. Stamps, 9 Postcards, 11 Coins, 7 Books, 13 19) The ages of people randomly surveyed on a college campus are summarized in the bar graph. a. b. c. d. How many people were surveyed? How many people were 19 years old? How many people were 20 years old or older? What age occurs most frequently? 20) This double- bar graph shows the number of male (M) and female (F) athletes at a university over a four - year period. YEAR a. Which year had the greatest number of male athletes? d. What is the only year in which the number of female athletes declined from its previous value? b. Which year had the smallest number of male athletes? c. What percentage of all students involved in athletics in 1989 was male? (Round to the nearest...
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