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Unformatted text preview: likely to occur as letter A. a) Sketch such a spinner. b) Find the simple event probabilities for the experiment of spinning the spinner once. 8) The probability that a first proposal passes is 3/7. a) What are the odds in favor of the first proposal passing? b) What are the odds against the first proposal passing? 9) The probability of winning a certain raffle is 1/600. Find the odds against winning. T102 Chapter 9 Review Page 1 10) a) b) If you flipped a fair coin 9 times and got 9 heads, what would be the probability of getting a head on the next toss? If you rolled a fair die 5 times and got the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, what would be the probability of rolling a 6 on the next turn? 11) Suppose there are 3 red, 4 blue, and 5 green chips in a box and you win by selecting either a red or green chip. If you get a red chip you win $4, a green chip pays you $3. What is the expected average winnings of this game if it costs you $3.50 to play? Is it a fair game? Why? 12) An experiment consists of rolling two fair dice and adding the dots on the two sides facing up. a) Find the probability that the sum is either a 2, 3, or 12. b) Find the probability that the sum is a 7 given that the sum is less than 8. 13) A consumer buys a package of 5 light bulbs not knowing that 1 of the bulbs is bad. List the outcomes in the sample space if 2 bulbs are selected randomly and then find the probabilities of the following events. a) Both bulbs are good b) At least one of the bulbs is bad 14) A game consists of the following: a single fair die is rolled and you are paid back the number of dollars corresponding to the number of dots facing up. a) What is the expected value of this game? b) If you pay $4.00 to play the game, is it a fair game? 15) In a horse race, how many different finishes are possible among the first 3 places (win - place- show) if 10 horses are running? (exclude ties) 16) Eight distinct points are selected on the circumference of a circle. How many triangles can be drawn...
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