Para suicide is a suicide attempt in which a person

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Unformatted text preview: Para-suicide: is a suicide attempt in which a person does not intend to die. Cluster suicides are a series of suicides occurring within a short period of time and involving people who are connected in some way. Suicidal Tendencies Abuse of alcohol/drugs Death of loved one Feelings of alienation/rejection Coping with body changes and sexuality Depression Impulsive/Aggressive behavior Mental disorder Signs of Suicide Direct statements Indirect statements Changed personality Withdrawing Appearance Giving away possessions Change in schoolwork Use alcohol/drugs Preoccupied with death Suicide Prevention Strategies Look for warning signs Listen without giving advice Take suicide threat seriously Ask if have a plan/ follow through Do not swear to secrecy Get an adult involved Stay with them until help arrives 80% of all modern diseases have their origins in stress....
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