Panic feelings of terror strike suddenly and

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Unformatted text preview: Panic= feelings of terror strike suddenly and repeatedly. Panic= Phobia= excessive fear of certain things Phobia= Depression=long lasting hopelessness Depression=long Seasonal Affective Disorder=type of depression, reduced sunlight Disorder=type Mental Disorders Post-Traumatic Stress= after effects of a terrifying event. Stress= Dementia= brain deteriorates in function. Dementia= Eating= starve or binge Clinical Depression= feelings of hopelessness, sadness Depression= Bipolar= extreme happiness to extreme sadness Bipolar= Schizophrenia= breakdown in the logical thought process Schizophrenia= Hypochondria=misinterpret aches and pains Hypochondria=misinterpret Mental Health Treatment Formal Intervention Evaluation Psychiatrist =med Psychologist=no med Medication Treatment Centers Therapy Support Groups...
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