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Unformatted text preview: Yes (but based on class interests within capitalism) Realism Liberalism Construc2vism Different social Rela2ve structures vs. RelaNve Absolute shape which absolute gains gains kind of gains gains are important Marxism Absolute gains mask exploitaNon Liberalism Construc2vism IntenNons reflect Inten2ons state idenNNes; CapabiliNes IntenNons intenNons more vs. capabili2es important than just capabiliNes Realism Marxism IntenNons defined by global capitalism Realism Liberalism Construc2vism PotenNally CompeNNve; cooperaNve; State interacNon Nature states as states as reflects state of IR independent idenNNes interdependent units units Marxism Global class conflict Realism Liberalism Construc2vism MiNgaNng the Our world is just Possibility LiXle to no internaNonal one of many for change possibility structure is possible worlds; in IR possible explains change. Marxism Change is possible (inevitable?) through poliNcal struggle Realism Liberalism Construc2vism Posi2ve or norma2ve theory ? ? Marxism NormaNve ?...
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