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i ii iii what is the inductance of the solenoid what

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Unformatted text preview: wire loop (width = 10 cm) that is being pushed at a constant rate (v = 10 cm/s) into a region of uniform magnetic field (B = 0.2 T) that is oriented perpendicular to the plane of the loop. If the loop has a total resistance R = 50 Ω, at what rate is thermal energy dissipated in the wire? wire loop 10 cm ¤༊ B- field region v = 10 cm/s P5 [Numeric Answer] – An oscillating LC circuit consists of a solenoid of length l = 10 cm, radius r = 1 mm, and total number of turns N = 8,716; and a parallel plate capacitor with total capacitance C = 30 pF. The maximum current in the circuit is Imax = 2 mA. [Note: the following questions build on one another – you’ll need your result from part i for part ii; and from part i and/or ii for part iii.] i. ii. i...
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