Assume all the radiation is absorbed by your face and

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Unformatted text preview: ii. What is the inductance of the solenoid? What is the maximum charge stored on the plates of the capacitor? If a resistor were suddenly connected (somehow) in series with the capacitor and inductor, how much total heat energy would the resistor eventually dissipate? P6 [Symbolic Answer] – A Gaussian surface in the shape of a right circular cylinder with end caps has a radius r and a length h. Through one end there is an inward uniform magnetic field B1 and through the other end there is an outward uniform field B2. Assume that B1 > B2, and that both of these fields are normal to the end cap surfaces. What is the average perpendicular component (i.e. normal to the surface) of magnetic field (let’s call it B3,N) passing through the curved circular surface of the cylinder? Does this average field through the curved surface pass out of the closed cylinder, or into it? P7 [Numeric Estim...
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