P3 use amperes law to show that the magnetic field

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Unformatted text preview: tic field (B = 3.7703 T) that is oriented perpendicular the velocity of the electron. Calculate the radius of the resulting path of the electron. P2 [Numeric Answer] – A negatively- charged particle (q = - 5 nC) moves with a speed v = 5 m/s parallel to a current- carrying wire (I = 10 A). The velocity of the charge is in the same direction as the current and the particle is initially a distance 5 cm from the wire. What is the magnitude and direction (towards or away from the wire) of the magnetic force on the charged particle? P3 – Use Ampere’s Law to show that the magnetic field due to a wire is Bwire = µo I . 2π r (Carefully explain how you get from one step to the next in the derivation.) P4 [Numeric Answer] – The following figure shows a rectangular...
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