Q4 the following figure shows the directions of an

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Unformatted text preview: magnetic phenomena. (Hint: ideally, this can be done using a single, key word.) Q2 – Explain why magnetic forces can never do work. Q3 – In words, state Faraday’s Law of Induction (the original, more useful form – not the generalized form), and the associated Lenz’s Law. Q4 – The following figure shows the directions of an electric field and the magnetic field induced by it. Is the electric field strength increasing or decreasing? Why? E B Q5 – List the various forms of electromagnetic radiation (major category names), from smallest to largest frequency, including the order of the colors of the rainbow. Problems (10 points each) P1 [Numeric Answer] – An electron, after being accelerated from rest through a potential difference of ΔV = 500 V, enters a uniform magne...
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