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C1 c2 a b c3 p9 symbolic answers

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Unformatted text preview: f a proton is released from rest at point P (the center of the quarter- circle), what will be its velocity a long time later (i.e. after it has travelled a distance d >> R)? [To receive full credit you must give your answer in magnitude + direction format, with the direction indicated by a positive angle measured counter- clockwise from the +x- axis.] y R λ 90o P R x P7 [Numeric Answer] – In the following circuit, at what rate is energy dissipated in resistor 2? The resistors have values R1 = 2R2 = 3R3 = 3R4 = 24 Ω. 54 V R2 R1 R3 R4 P8 [Numeric Answer] – In the following figure showing a portion of a circuit, a potential difference of 10 V is maintained across points A and B while a...
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