If a proton is released from rest at point p the

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Unformatted text preview: act geometric center of a three- dimensional triangular symmetric pyramid. Assume the pyramid is composed of a thin, non- conducting, uncharged material. What is the net electric flux through any one of the four faces of the pyramid? P5 [Numeric Answer] How much work is done by the electric field as a charge q = +4 nC is moved from the origin through a distance r = 50 cm, in a field that varies with radial distance as E = 3r2 N/C? Assume that the path travelled is everywhere parallel to the electric field (i.e. radially outward from the origin). (Note that the constant “3” in the electric field function has associated units of N/m2Ÿ༉C.) P6 [Symbolic Answer] – The following figure shows a circular arc of charge, with radius R and positive linear charge density λ. I...
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