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Unformatted text preview: two contributions Ben Franklin made to the field of electrostatics. Problems (10 points each) P1 [Numeric Answer] – Three charges, each of value q = +1.3168 nC, lie at the vertices of an equilateral triangle with side length 3 mm. What is the magnitude of the net electric force on any one of the three charges due to the other two? P2 [Numeric Answer] – In the following figure, how does the magnitude of the net electric field at point A compare to the magnitude at point B – specifically, what is the ratio EA/EB? x +q x A x B +3q P3 – Use Gauss’ Law to show that the electric field due to a point charge is: E po int = 1 q 4πε o r 2 P4 [Numeric Answer] – A charge q = +35.416 μC lies at the ex...
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