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Unformatted text preview: ames mostly correct 10 8 pts Entries (20 amounts; and or credits listed leading to but minor -Posted to Correct Some minor Step 3 prrors are rior to debits. pts)General debits and accurate errors such as the accountpts e 10 8 pts aames and evident. Ledger. (10 credits are nccount incorrect -Prepared a Journal Journal Entries Step 4 ualances. pts) Balance bsed use to account names balances so mostly use Trial Entries pts 10 8 correctly. arrive at a or incorrect ccurate accurate -(10 pts) Prepared Posting is Posting is Step 5&6 aorrect trial c ccounts and totals dueand aorrect pts accounts to Adjusting c 10 mostly correct 8 pts amounts; an amounts;prior JPosted and balance. and errors into and ournal leading to leadingthea All three Two of Step 7 steps. and Entries (10 debits and mostly correct Prepared an accurate trial debitsfinancial Financial three16 pts 20 pts credits are pts) balance. trial balance. Unadjusted credits are Statements Sournal Entries tatements are -Prepared Journal J sed correctly. Step 8 used u Trial are prepared prepared Financial Eorrectly. ntries pts use mostly use 10 8 pts Balance. (10 c ccurately accurately and Statements accurate accurate -Prepared Posting is Posting is Step 9&10 and in an pts) pts) accounts and mostly in an (20 aorrect accounts and Closing c mostly correct amounts; and appropriate Journal and appropriate leading to an amounts; and leading to a -Posted one debits trial format,and debits correct Entries (10 format.and accurate mostly Prepared sredits arehas credits are ctatement pts) balance. trial balance. postsomecorrectly. used errors. closingTrial used correctly. Balance. (10 pts) Step 1 - 10 pts 8 pts Poor Very Poor Points Awarded Errors in Evidence of an attempt to complete computations that the journal entries. pts 12 pts 8 resulted has several Posting is done poorly but does show Posting in incorrect arrors that resulted evidence of an attempt to complete. emounts to be 6 pts 4 pts debited andaccount in incorrect Errors in Evidence of an attempt to complete credited. bomputations that the trial balance. 4 pts c alances.pts 6 resultedEntries Journal in incorrect Journal Entries have some errors in amounts to errors use of accounts and amounts; and have some be 6 4 pts debited and in use ofhas several debits anddone poorlynot not at all, Posting accounts Posting is credits are or used credited. arrors leading and correctly. inaccurate or no trial end amounts; to a leading to 6 pts 4 pts debits and credits balance. trial balance with One of the three One or fewer of four Financial aeveral errors. s re only somewhat Statements are prepared accurately Financial pts 12 8 pts used correctly. Statements are and mostly in an appropriate format, Journal Entries Journal Entries have some errors in prepared pts have some errors three or all statements have some use of accounts and amounts; and 6 4 pts accurately and in use ofhas several errors. anddone poorlynot not at all, accounts debits is credits are or used Posting Posting mostly in an and correctly. arrors leading to a leading to inaccurate or no trial end amounts; appropriatecredits debits and format, balance. trial balance with two only somewhat statements aeveral errors. s re hsed some errors. uave correctly. 6 pts 4 pts Total Points Earned Out of 100 Points 0...
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