Since the gravitational force is a conservative force

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Unformatted text preview: al energy. Since the gravitational force is a conservative force, the work I put into the mass is equivalent to the increase in its gravitational potential energy. Electric Potential Energy The electric potential energy, Ue, for point charges (or spherically symmetric charge distributions) is: Ue = ke q1 q2 r where zero potential energy was defined as having a separation distance of infinity. Electric Potential Energy As with all potential energy, it is far more useful to look at changes in electric potential energy as o pposed to absolute electric potential energy. For a point charge, the change in potential energy between points A and B is given by: q1 q2 q1 q2 ∆Ue,A→B = Ue,B − Ue,A = ke − kE ￿ r B ￿ rA 1 1 ∆Ue,A→B = ke q1 q2 − rB rA Note the lack of absolute value signs. The sign of the...
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