The value would be the same but the potential energy

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Unformatted text preview: Let’s turn to the equation for change in electric potential energy. The value would be the same, but the potential energy would have decreased instead of increased. Direct Approaches Electric Potential Energy → Source q1 exerts F on test q2 Source q1 stores UE w/ test q2 r [m] N·m2 8.99 "10 C2 9 ± [N·m] = [J] UE = k q1 q2 [C][C] ←± ±→ →± ← !UE = ± Electric Potential Energy →± ±← ←± → (–) decreases Source q1 stores UE w/ test q2 (+) increases Electric Potential Energy Let’s say we have a positively charged floor. What will the electric field look like? Now let’s say that an unknown charged object that is originally far away from the floor is brought in closer to the floor. Has the electric potential energy of the object increased or decreased? ? We are not sure. It is dependent on ? the sign...
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