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Unformatted text preview: of the test charge. Electric Potential To solve this problem, we introduce a new variable, the electric potential, V. Ue V≡ We define electric potential as: q2 Electric Potential Again the far more useful quantity will be the change in electric potential or what is referred to as the electric potential difference. ∆VA→B = VB − VA = ∆Ue q2 Electric potential is measured in Volts. Where: 1!Volt = 1 Joule/Coul.!=!1!(Nm)/Coul This equation is always valid. DO NOT CONFUSE electric potential energy, PEelec, and electric potential, V. This means that for a point charge we ￿ say: can ￿ ∆Ue 1 1 ∆VA→B = = ke q1 − q2 rB rA Many times electric potential will be referred to as voltage just to distinguish it further from electric potential energy. Note that the electric potential difference is independent of the test charge, q2. Electric Potential Field Model The electric po...
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