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Unformatted text preview: uot; %#" %!" $#" $!" #" !" $" %" &" '" C- #" (" B- )" *" A- +" $!" grades roughly correspond to at least 90% of points on Pre-Flight, Metacognition, Weekly Problems, Worksheets, Clickers A. left B. into the page C. out of the page D. up E. down Physics 1B Clicker4B-2 *credit for correct answer Worksheets A proton is moving perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. If the speed of the proton were to decrease, how would you describe its motion? e = 1.60 × 10 C mproton = mneutron = 1.67 × 10−27 kg −19 melectron = 9.11 × 10−31 kg ￿ F = q￿ × B v￿ ￿ |F| = |q | |￿ | |B| sin α v￿ ￿ v2 ￿ = m￿ ac = F a r mv r= qB ￿ = qo E ￿ F ∆V ￿ |E| = ∆x A. moves in circles with the same radius B. moves in circles with larger radius C. moves in circles with smaller radius D. moves in a straight line E. comes to a stop Checkpoint #2 Questions: 1-4; 6, 5 if finished with these: 7 Physics 1B Physics 1B Note Cards for next time (your worksheets grade is based upon your note card submission) Kishimoto, Chad I worked with: Mike and Ian Question 2abcd: The sign of the charge in each scenario Front of the card: the front is the side you write your name on Please write last name first, for ease of grading (2 pts) You do not need to write the question, just write your answer. You will be graded on the correctness of your answer. (8 pts) you should have four answers in total Note Cards from Lectures 4A are here to pick up; or in my office hours check out ted ! Pre-Flight Check for 2/21 ! Metacognition Note 4 due tonight ! Weekly Problems due 2/28 ! Quiz 3 on 2/28 Physics 1B...
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