What is the charge stored on capacitor a capacitor

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Unformatted text preview: A now? Is it different than your initial answer? f. What is the energy stored in Capacitor B? Physics 1B, Winter 2014 Worksheet 2D 2 3. Capacitor A (CA = 6.0 µF) is connected to a 1.5 V battery and quickly comes to electrostatic equilibrium (the voltage drop across the capacitor is 1.5 V). The wires connecting Capacitor A to the battery are removed. a. What is the charge stored on Capacitor A? Capacitor A is connected to an uncharged Capacitor B (CB = 4.0 µF) and allowed to attain electrostatic equilibrium as shown in the figure to right. B b. On the figure, identify locations with the same voltage. (You should find two sets of locations with equal voltages.) c. Two students are discussing the situation above: Student 1: I think that charges will flow from Capacitor A to Capacitor B, A so the charge stored on A is reduced, but the voltage drop across the capacitor should remain 1.5 V. Student 2: I agree th...
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