Use the diagram of a circuit with capacitors to right

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Unformatted text preview: k. Physics 1B, Winter 2014 Worksheet 3A 2 3. Use the diagram of a circuit with capacitors to right. a. Are the three capacitors in series, in parallel or neither? What does your answer mean as to whether they all have the same charge or the same voltage difference? 4 μF 12 μF b. What is the equivalent capacitance of the capacitors? 8 μF 5 F μ 3 μF 8 μF c. The equivalent capacitance is used to determine the total charge that passes through the 5 μF battery. What is the total charge in the circuit? 8 μF d. What is the charge stored on each capacitor? Recall that for capacitors in series, the charge stored on each capacitor is the same and is equal to the charge on the equivalent capacitor. 4. A student broke down the circuit with three in parallel C1 C2 capacitors (C1 = 4 µF; C2 = 12 µF; C3 = 2...
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