A using the right hand rule what is the direction of

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Unformatted text preview: t to weakest. 4. An electron is traveling with speed 5.0x106 m/s near a wire carrying a ! 200 A current. At the moment pictured in the figure to right, the electron is located 0.50 cm away from the wire. a. Using the right hand rule, what is the direction of the magnetic field that the current carrying wire creates at the electron’s pictured location? b. Using the right hand rule, determine the direction of the magnetic force that this magnetic field exerts on the electron if the direction (or the force is zero, explicitly state so) of the electron’s velocity is: i. To the right ii. To the left iii. Upward iv. Downward v. Into the page vi. Out of the page c. What is the strength of the magne...
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