Musc 297 interrupted rhythmicity

Ten 6 012 11 oct 2004 108 rit a tempo 1 2 114 121 1

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Unformatted text preview: utopia-2004/10/11-463 7 0.12 (11 Oct 2004) 2 rit. a tempo ten. ten. ten. 141 ten. FINALE 146 rit. poco a p oco 152 Mutopia-2004/10/11-463 Andante ten. ten. 135 ten. 8 0.12 (11 Oct 2004) Tempo primo FINE 158 Mutopia-2004/10/11-463 This music is part of the Mutopia project: It has been typeset and placed in the public domain by Magnus Lewis-Smith. Unrestricted modification and redistribution is permitted and encouraged—copy this music and share it!...
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