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Formalioes shareholder agreement tax issues s corp c

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Unformatted text preview: Legal ConsideraOons Name of Company – Check with Department of State, Trademark and Website ConsideraOons Owners/Directors/Officers/Advisors/ Employees/Independent Contractors Fiduciary Duty – DuOes of care, loyalty, and good faith Agency – Third party liability Types of Business EnOOes Sole Propriety Partnerships • Complete Liability • Complete Liability For All ParOes • Partnership Agreement LLC CorporaOons • Limited Liability • Some FormaliOes • Member OperaOng Agreements • Investor Issues • Limited Liability • More FormaliOes • Shareholder Agreement • Tax Issues (S- Corp, C- Corp) Common Issues Need an enOty when doing business •  Follow FormaliOes •  Sign name using Otle •  Have business insurance Don’t treat independent contractors like employees Eliminate lawsuits •  HR •  IP •  Industry Regula...
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