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Will funds be available to produce the product are the

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Unformatted text preview: Working with Startups The Startup Company (The Lean Startup by Eric Ries) A human insOtuOon that creates a new product or service under condiOons of extreme uncertainty Will technology ulOmately work? Will funds be available to produce the product? Are the people the correct team for success? Will the product be accepted by the marketplace? Development Stages of a Startup Concept – invenOon conceived, PoC tesOng, business plans developed, and financing from Friends & Family sought Pre- Seed & Seed – enOty formaOon, IP protecOon, team selected, and financing from Angels and grants sought Early- Stage –R&D of the innovaOve technology and financing from an early stage VC is sought Series A financing – develop and test of final design and financing from a later stage VC or a strategic partner is sought Series B (+C+D) financing – begin manufacturing, markeOng, and selling product Exit – company has proven market acceptance...
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