This situation features multiple aspects of sexual

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Unformatted text preview: ation features multiple aspects of sexual This harassment, and these matters can be very complicated. complicated. You may want to argue that Jackie’s crucial You mistake was in becoming intimate at all, but this scenario does happen in real life. scenario 6 AN ETHICAL DILEMMA The probable cost to Jackie if she officially reports the The sexual harassment case is a protracted legal and political struggle and possible loss of recording contracts at SDR and at other labels. Curtis has threatened to ruin her future music career Curtis anywhere she goes if she does not comply with his wishes. anywhere Jackie does not have the support of the Legal department no Jackie matter what avenue she decides to pursue, and it is her word against Curtis. He is an established employee at SDR and presumably has a strong influence. presumably Any method to resolve this will all affect Jackie in Any different ways. different 7 RECOGNISING AN ETHICAL RECOGNISING ISSUE ISSUE A. The first step in understanding business ethics is A. to develop ethical issue awareness. develop Awareness arises because of conflicts among Awareness individuals’ personal moral philosophies and values, the values and culture of the organizations in which they work, and those of the society in which they live. live. 8 RECOGNISING AN ETHICAL RECOGNISING ISSUE ISSUE B. Failure to acknowledge ethical issues puts B. corporations at great risk, particularly in corporations particularly industries where business is perceived as a game that must be won at all costs. that 9 RECOGNISING AN ETHICAL RECOGNISING ISSUE ISSUE C. An ethical issue is a situation or a problem that C. requires thought, discussion, or investigation thought, in order to make a decision. in 1. Honesty refers to truthfulness or 1. truthfulness trustworthiness. trustworthiness Issues related to honesty also arise because business is Issues sometimes regarded as a “game,” governed by its own rules rather than by those of society. rules Dishonesty...
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