Acceptable 14 ethical issues and ethical dilemmas in

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Unformatted text preview: THICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS B. Abusive or intimidating behavior is a common B. Abusive ethical problem for employees. The concepts of abusive or intimidating behavior can The mean anything from physical threats, false accusations, annoying behavior, profanity, insults, yelling, harshness, ignoring someone, or even unreasonableness. unreasonableness. The meaning of these words can differ from person The to person. to 15 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 1. Intent is an important factor in determining 1. Intent whether a situation is abusive. whether abusive 2. Bullying is associated with a hostile workplace 2. Bullying hostile where a person or group is threatened, threatened harassed or overly criticized. harassed overly The concept of bullying is now considered a legal The issue, with millions of Americans reporting having issue with experienced or witnessed bullying at work. experienced 16 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS C. Lying relates to distorting the truth. There are C. distorting There three types of lies: three 1. Joking without malice 1. Joking 2. Commission lying is creating a false 2. Commission perception by choosing words that perception intentionally deceive the receiver of the intentionally message. message. Noise can be the intentional use of modes of Noise communication that the sender knows the receiver does 17 not fully understand. not ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 3. Omission lying is intentionally not informing 3. Omission intentionally others of any differences, problems, safety warnings, or negative issues related to the product, service, or company that significantly affects awareness, intention, or behavior. affects 4. When a lie becomes unethical in business is 4. lie based on the context and an intent to distort the truth. the A lie becomes illegal if it is determined by the judgment of courts to damage others. judgment 18 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS...
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