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Personally enter a facility personally 22 ethical

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Unformatted text preview: AL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 2. Social Engineering is tricking or fooling 2. individuals into revealing their passwords or individuals other valuable corporate information. valuable a. Shoulder surfing is when someone looks a. over an employee’s shoulder to obtain a over password password b. Password guessing is simply trying to guess b. guess the user’s password. the 23 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 3. Dumpster diving is going through the trash of 3. competitors that has been discarded onto a public street or alley. street 4. Whacking is wireless hacking. 4. wireless 5. Phone Eavesdropping is a person with a 5. digital recording device monitoring and recording a fax line. recording 24 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS G. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial G. treatment of people or things, especially on the treatment grounds of race, age, or sex. grounds Discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, the sex, marital status, sexual orientation, public assistance status, disability, age, national origin, or veteran status is illegal in the United States. or 25 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS A company in the United States can be sued for company can discrimination if it: discrimination a. Refuses to hire an individual for discriminatory a. an reasons reasons b. Maintains a system of employment that b. unreasonably excludes an individual from unreasonably employment employment c. Unreasonably discharges an individual c. Unreasonably d. Discriminates against an individual with respect to d. Discriminates hiring, employment terms, promotion, or privileges of employment as it relates to discrimination of 26 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 1. The Equal Employment Opportunity 1. Commission (EEOC) handles discrimination filings. filings 2. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act 2. specifically outlaws hiring practices that outlaws discriminate agains...
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