Within 42 ethical issues and ethical dilemmas in

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Unformatted text preview: legal M. protection of intellectual properties, such as protection such music, books, and movies music, 1. A decision by the Federal Copyright Office 1. (FCO) helped lay the groundwork for IP in (FCO) lay the digital world. 2. IP continues to grow as an issue because of 2. nations like China, which have thriving industries for cheap, pirated goods. industries 43 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS N. Many privacy issues come into play in the N. business world. Some issues that managers should consider involve Some monitoring employee use of technology and monitoring consumer privacy. consumer It can be a challenge for businesses today to meet the It needs of consumers while at the same time protecting their privacy. protecting 44 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 1. There are few legal protections of an 1. few employee’s right to privacy while at work, which allows employers a great deal of leeway in monitoring employees. monitoring 2. Electronic monitoring allows a company to 2. Electronic determine whether productivity is lower than it could be because employees are spending too much time on personal activities. much 45 ETHICAL ISSUES AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN BUSINESS DILEMMAS 3. Practices that respect employee privacy but 3. do not abdicate the employer’s responsibility do help create a climate of trust that promotes create opportunities for resolving employee– opportunities employer disputes without lawsuits. 4. There are two dimensions to consumer privacy: 4. consumer a. Consumer awareness of information collection a. Consumer b. Growing lack of control over how companies b. use consumers’ personal information use 46 THE CHALLENGE OF DETERMINING AN THE ETHICAL ISSUE IN BUSINESS ETHICAL A. Most ethical issues will become visible through A. stakeholder concerns about an event, activity, stakeholder or the results of a business decision. or B. Determining ethical issues is a constant B. challenge. challenge With changing societal standards, what are With considered merely problems today can become ethical issues over time. ethical C. Once ethical issue awareness occurs and C. individuals begin open discussion, the ethical decision-making process can begin. decision-making 47...
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