8 months 15 watering wetting problems use oldest

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Unformatted text preview:   Provide initial hydration wettability of mixes ◆  Increase water content ◆  Increase drainage ◆  Improve rewetting in hanging baskets ◆  Improve 14 Watering Wetting Agents ◆  Effectiveness ◆  Used decreases over time up by end of 3 - 6 month crop ◆  Use liquid application 2 - 4 wks before harvest ü༏ Better survival during marketing ü༏ Wettability “insurance” for plants Wetting Agents ◆  Water/wetting agent before shipping ◆  Improves shelf life Wetting Problems ◆ Old mix is harder to wet ü༏0   ü༏5   ü༏  - 4 months: OK - 8 months: ?? > 8 months: ?????? 15 Watering Wetting Problems ◆ Use oldest mix first! ◆ If old mix is hard to wet: ü༏Use liquid wetting agent   drench Standard Watering ◆  Use a well-drained substrate ◆  Water thoroughly each time ◆  10-20% leaching Spot Watering Touch up plants that dry faster Hand watering Bench edges South side of house or bench 16 Watering Hardening Off ◆  Begin 2 to 4 weeks before sale quantity and frequency ◆  Slows plant metabolism stimulates root growth ◆  Reduce Watering Strategies: Special Pulse ü༏  Two or more times per day ü༏  As much as 35 times per day ◆  No leach ü༏  No water drain from bottom ◆  Pulse Watering ◆  Irrigated two or more times per day moist ◆  Greater growth ◆  Lower fertility ◆  Weaker stems ◆  Return to standard last 3 weeks ◆  Constantly 17...
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