Microtube watering 21 watering microtube watering

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Unformatted text preview: Watering No-Leach Watering ◆  Water from bottom or top runoff ◆  20-50% less fertility ◆  No Good Watering Good Roots Good Watering = Good Roots 18 Watering Watering Good Watering = Good Roots Over Watering Symptoms 19 Watering Over Watering Symptoms Types of Irrigation Systems ◆  Surface irrigation ◆  Sub-irrigation Surface vs Subirrigation ◆  Surface Higher fertilizer rates required ü༏  Soluble salts more evenly distributed in root ball ü༏  ◆  Subirrigation Lower fertilizer rates required ü༏  Soluble salts highest in upper half of substrate ü༏  Contamination ü༏  20 Watering Hand Watering Hand Watering Pots and baskets: water substrate, not foliage ◆  Use hose shut-offs ◆  Use overhead hangers ◆  Clips to hold nozzles up ◆  Training! ◆  Microtube Watering 21 Watering Microtube Watering Microtube Watering Microtube Watering ◆  Insert emitter near the center of the pot for uniform irrigation. ◆  Provide uniform flow rate from each emitter ü༏ Flow rate changes with ◆ Tube length ◆ Bench height ◆ Basket height ü༏ Use pressure compensators 22 Watering Microtube Watering ◆  Plan pot spacing to accommodate two different pot spacings ü༏ Use two tubes for wide spacing and one for tight spacing ◆  Keep substrates with > 50% peat moss moist to avoid contracting away from the sides of the pot. Sprinkler/Boom Irrigation Sprinkler/Boom Irrigation ◆  ◆  Good for plugs and cuttings Also good for flats and small pots ü༏  Must be able to tolerate wet foliage 23 Watering Trickle Tapes Trickle Tapes ◆  Use an on/off valve on each bench/ bed. ◆  Try on closely-spaced pots for an easy, portable system. Ebb-and-Flow 24 Watering Flood Floors Flood Floors Ebb-and...
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