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Unformatted text preview: erequisite: 1) All registered students must show proof that you satisfy proof of prerequisite by the end of the 1st week of class you fail to show proof of prerequisite you will be dropped from the class. 2) You need to show a print out that you got a a) C or higher in Math 115(Elementary Algebra) or b) C or higher in both Math 113 (Elementary Alg A) and Math 114 (Elementary Alg B), or c) placed in Math 125 by the placement test (note – placement scores are valid for a year) 3) You also need to show photo identification with the proof of prerequisite. Attendance: 1) Attendance is mandatory. 2) You need to be on time and attend the entire lecture. 3) Arriving late and leaving early is not acceptable. 4) If you must be absent from class you are still responsible for material covered during that session and any missed announcements, assignments, etc from another student. 5) You can miss 5 classes if you miss more than 5 you may be dropped without any warning from the course. Drop Policy: 1)It is...
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