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Unformatted text preview: uring lecture work on Do the Math exercises 1) hw will be available through www.mathxl.com using the study plan or the book exercises 2) Highly recommend that you write and work problems in a notebook. 3) Practice proper notation when doing hw. 4) Practice hw EVERDAY!!! Treat this class if you were taking a foreign language class. Homework: Quizzes: 1) Homework quizzes will be given once or twice a week through www.mathxl.com. 2) You must take the quiz the day it is open. No make up quizzes will be given. 3) You will have 2 attempts with 45 minutes for each quiz. 4) Each quiz should be taken on a separate sheet of regular college ruled paper. 5) Write the problem down neatly and show all work neatly for each problem in pencil. 6) Write your Last Name and First Name on the top of the right hand corner. 7) Write Quiz # on the top of the left hand corner. 8) Write your percentage on the top of the middle of the page. 9) When inputting your answers be careful with notation or mathxl will mark incorrect. 10) I will collect your quizzes (both attempts) the next class meeting. The...
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