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Class participation

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Unformatted text preview: also the student’s responsibility to drop themselves from classes that they are no longer attending (see Schedule of Classes). 1) Cheating on any online quiz or in class test will result in automatic failure in the course. Cheating: 2) Cheating will also result a referral to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. 3) Refer to the student code of conduct for more information on cheating. Class Participation: 1) Take the Five – Minute Quiz before class for the section that we will cover that day 2) Take class notes before coming to class using the power point presentations on ETUDES. It is to your advantage to write out the class notes. Using a blue pen (or pencil if you prefer) on your 8½” by 11” paper, start writing the notes and examples out. You can do it exactly like you see it or write it in your own style. Use your highlighter to mark steps, words, ideas that you do not understand. Write a brief question with the red pen in the margin of the paper. Ask these questions in class. 3)D...
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