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Provide all possible resonance structures for the

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Unformatted text preview: ible resonance structures for the allyl and pentadienyl radicals shown below. Use curved arrows to show the interconversion of the resonance structures (9 pts). • • 2. The bond dissociation energies of the indicated primary C-H bonds of propene and 1,3-pentadiene are given below. Briefly explain why the DH° for the 1,3-pentadiene C-H bond less than that for propene. (4 pts) CH2 H DH°= 365 KJ/mol 3. CH2 H DH°= 354 KJ/mol Provide the reagents for the following transformations.(4 pts) a) b) Br CH3 Br name ______________________________ Page 4 of 2 4. a) Starting with...
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