B calculate the uncertainty in lnkh45kh20 c use

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Unformatted text preview: . (b) Calculate the uncertainty in ln(kH,45/kH,20). (c) Use the last result to calculate the uncertainty in the activation energy Ea . (Take temperatures as error-free; R = 8.3145 J mol-1 K-1) 4. (3) A solution of a different sugar, bashanose, is prepared by dissolving 23.71 g of bashanose in water and bringing the volume to 0.100 L in a volumetric flask. The optical rotation observed at lD for this solution in a 0.200-m polarimetry cell at 25°C is 14.7°. Calculate the specific rotation of bashanose (units deg mL g– 1 dm– 1) at this wavelength and T....
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