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Unformatted text preview: nds. Its slogan was, “Just what you wished for”. As the company began to grow in popularity, Whoopi Goldberg signed on to be their spokesperson in 1999 (Cox). Goldberg was featured in TV, radio, outdoor and online advertisements for the company, amounting to $8 million dollars (Cox). Levitan said, “Whoopi is the essence of Flooz. She is funny, but smart; she's got attitude, but is dignified; she's on the edge, but is trustworthy and universally appealing,” (Cox). Flooz raised $35 million dollars from investors, but it all fell apart in August of 2001(German). The company unknowingly sold about $300,000 dollars worth of Flooz to a ring of credit card thieves in Russia and the Philippines (Enos “Flooz…”). To make matters worse, information about the fraud was given to shops before shoppers (Enos “Internet…”). Online stores such as Barnes and Noble, Outpost and Tower Records refused to take Flooz before consumers even knew the website...
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