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Unformatted text preview: .notebook October 24, 2013 EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Find A﴾B + C﴿ 8 a2 ch 4 4.2 notes.notebook October 24, 2013 Using Matrix Multiplication in Real Life Matrix multiplication is useful in business applications because inventory matrix, when multiplied by a cost per item matrix, results in a total cost matrix. m x n n x p m x p For the total cost matrix to be meaningful, the column labels for the inventory matrix must match the row labels for the cost per item matrix. 9 a2 ch 4 4.2 notes.notebook October 24, 2013 Dollars Bats Balls Uniforms Bats Women’s • Men’s 2 x 3 Balls Uniforms 3 x 1 YOU TRY The soccer teams submitted equipment lists to their sponsors. *Women’s Team: 6 balls, 16 uniforms *Men’s Team: 7 balls, 15 uniforms *Each ball costs $45 and each uniform costs $38. Use matrix multiplication to find the total cost of the equipment for each team. 10...
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