Lecture 5 Notes

Low pressure readings are usually associated with

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Unformatted text preview: an area of low pressure. Low pressure readings are usually associated with storm systems. Tornadoes and hurricanes can produce very low barometric readings. Air Movement and Flow 6-1 • Fluids (air and water) flow from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. • Change in pressure across a horizontal distance is a pressure gradient. • Greater the difference in pressure and the shorter the distance between them, the steeper the pressure gradient and the stronger the wind. • Movement of air across a pressure gradient parallel to Earth’s surface is called a wind and winds are named for the direction from which they come. Isobars in millibars, the closer the isobar the stronger the winds Rain Low Pressure High Pressure The Atmosphere in Motion • Atmospheric pressure is a measure of the force pressing down on the Earth’s surface from the overlying air. • Pressure is often measured in different units including: – atmospheres (1 atmosphere is the average atmospheric pressure at sea level), – millibars (1 atmosphere = 1013.25 millibars), –...
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