Lecture 5 Notes

This in turn leads to an increase in the pressure of

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Unformatted text preview: ses, the frequency of collisions with the walls of the container must increase. • This, in turn, leads to an increase in the pressure of the gas. • Flexible containers, such as a balloon, will expand until the pressure of the gas inside the balloon once again balances the pressure of the gas outside. • Thus, the volume of the gas is proportional to the number of gas particles. The Gas Laws • Charles Law – The volume of a gas increased with the temperature – The volume of a given amount of dry ideal gas is directly proportional to the Kelvin Temperature provided the amount of gas and the pressure remain fixed. – When we plot the Volume of a gas against the Kelvin temperature it forms a straight line. – V1 / T1 = V2 / T2 • Boyle’s Law – the product of the pressure and volume are observed to be nearly constant. – The product of pressure and volume is exactly a constant for an ideal gas. – p * V = constant WATER VAPOR (9.8oC)...
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