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This is an inverse relationship a barometer is used

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Unformatted text preview: e goes down. This is an inverse relationship. A Barometer is used to to measure air pressure. In In 1643, Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer Torricelli’s Torricelli’s barometer used a glass column suspended in a bowl of mercury. The pressure of the air molecules pushed the mercury up into the glass tube. The weight of the mercury in the tube was equal to the weight of the air pressing down on the mercury in the dish. As As atmospheric pressure increases… The mercury in the tube rises. The The Mercury Barometer Good: Bad: •Simple to construct •Glass tube is fragile •Highly accurate •Mercury is very toxic! The The Aneroid Barometer •No fragile tubes! •No toxic chemicals! •No batteries! •Never needs winding! MILLIBARS An An aneroid barometer uses a cell which has had most of the air removed. As the air pressure around the cell increases, it presses on the cell, which causes the needle to move. Television weather forecasters usually give barometric pressure in inches of mercury. However, meteorologists measure atm...
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