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Lecture 5 Notes

Two two types of barometric pressure measurements

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Unformatted text preview: ospheric pressure in millibars. Two Two types of barometric pressure measurements: Station pressure is the actual pressure at the recording location. It is affected by the local altitude. Sea level pressure is referenced to sea level, so it has the same altitude anywhere in the world. Station pressure on a mountain top will be lower than station pressure in a valley. Scientists need a fixed point of reference in order to compare barometer readings in different locations. That is why barometer readings are sometimes adjusted for elevation above sea level at the station location. Most Most aneroid barometers have a needle which can be set to remember the previous reading. Changing Changing Pressure A rising barometer = increasing air pressure. This usually means: Rising barometer readings indicate that a high pressure system is approaching. Higher atmospheric pressure is usually associated with fair weather and clearing skies. Changing Changing Pressure A falling barometer = decreasing air pressure. This usually means: Falling barometer readings usually indicate the approach of...
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