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Water resides are called water constantly moves from

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Unformatted text preview: to another Reservoirs Comparison of the amount of water supply held in each of the major reservoirs If the total earth's water supply was a 55 gallon drum The Origin of Sea Salts The sea became salty because of chemicals leached from the rocks of the crust, plus some volatile chemicals (hydrochloric acid and hydrogen sulfide) released sulfide) from the Earth's interior and by volcanoes. Probably, the ocean was salty as soon as it formed. More salts have accumulated gradually, as more of the rocks of the crust were broken down by water (weathered). (weathered). The composition of the sea salt has been about the same for about 1 billion years. That is because a balance exists between input of salts (mainly by rivers) and rivers) output (mainly by sediments). sediments). The early ocean, 3.8 billion years ago, was probably ocean, similar in composition to today, except for changes caused by living things. The most important of these is the production of oxygen by plants. The Origin of Life Europa (Moon of Jupiter)- Icy Crust Other Ocean Worlds Drainage Systems on Mars Ice Sand...
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