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In the example variables and are dened and variables

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Unformatted text preview: . ‡…„ƒ ‚E†1Ew€  ‡ ©  ¨ © ¨ A a DJ traversal specification may include a clause c1 specifying that the portion of the path in which this clause occurs may not pass through an object of class c1 . The DJ library also includes ways to specify strategy graphs [10]. d™˜˜—–• Pˆq‚E” 9 EquationSystem equations Equation_List * Equation rhs lhs * Variable Expression Ident Simple Compound op „ € ™ … — Figure 3: Class graph for Expression_List ˜•g q‚qd Operator ’h i1€ Numerical args . f 1e In our example, let us say that a variable is defined if it appears on the lefthand side of an equation and that it is used if it appears on the right-hand. In the example, variables , and are defined, and variables , and are used. The purpose of our Java program is to collect the defined and used variables. r EX Y `X k gE€ „ d „ ™˜ w8˜ d „ h 1ƒ h 1ƒ ™˜ w8˜ ‡ –j †1e –j †1e ‡…„ƒ †ˆ†1E‚€ d™˜˜—–• “w8ˆGw1” ’h “E€ ƒ wx‚E†E1whi1€ ‡…„ƒ€ ’h ˜ ˜•g q‚Gd „ ™ € — … f 1e ’“„Eƒ ‘ ˜•g `†qd „ € ™ — … f 1e ’„ i1ƒ ‘ h ƒ l”— qiw™ — k g1€ „ „ E€ ’h “E€ ˜ ƒ wm†ˆVEE‚m“E€ ‡…„ƒ€ ’h ˜•g q‚nd „ ™ € — … f 1e ’„ “Eƒ ‘ ˜•g `‚Gd „ ™ € — … f 8e ’„ iEƒ ‘ h h l”— GV‚™ ƒ — k gE€ „  ˜ l ‡…„ƒ †ˆ†1E‚€ l”— GVw™ — ƒ k ‡ o  – i— ƒ p˜˜— V8E8l 1 In a real application, this would probably done globally rather than on a per-class basis. 10 — e EX The code for this task is shown in figure 4. The static member contains a object that contains a representation of the current class diagram1 . ƒ i 1X The DJ library uses reflection to compute the relevant FIRST sets. This has two advantages: first, it allows the same code to be reused even if the class structure changes. We say this behavior is adaptive [8]. Second, it allows the ksystem to be implemented as a pure Java library rather than as a preprocessor. l”— GVw™ e 1X There are of course many ways of specifying the same traversals. For example the first could have been written as , and the second could have been written as . h i 1X To solve this problem, we identify two traversals. The first traversal may be written as The second may be written as . . ¥ 11 Figure 4: Finding the variables in an equation system ¥ ¥ ’‘±r szˆs™ G“1“P|1P‚Ž†y { }{zttˆ‰²u ||†Vw††iVœVƒ†Vw‚i†œ”‚€8PwP|1Pw“†‹”†iƒ” Œ}ztts‰ ‚yt~}{zysxwu ‚{ˆ¡± t ˆs ™yq rr {q— tz Šy 8“‚V”wiV†|"viE“Ži†i“†ˆ }ˆxy „ ´4G8P‚iiw48i‚VP‚“Vwƒws ˜ ‘ tˆs™–}z¡³yŒ y~Št ¥ ’‘±r szˆs™ ˆ“1i||1“‚‚v1iŽ“†P‚†“y {y tŠˆ ŠŒx{ˆŠ }{zttˆ‰²u P|VVw‚†“VŽi†P††i”‚...
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