Lecture 10 Notes

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Unformatted text preview: ned data, the structure of the program should be patterned after the structure of the data. More precisely: Write one procedure for each nonterminal in the grammar. The procedure will be responsible for handling the data corresponding to that nonterminal. § ¤  In each procedure, you will have one line for each production corresponding to that nonterminal. You may have additional case structure, but this will get you started on the right foot.     ! 2¡ §©§ and Output: a list similar to of . , and an list but with all occurrences of ¤ ¤ Input: Two symbols:  !  Procedure replaced by instances 2¡ §©§ Example:  ¥        £        ¥       £ £       But wait: need to be more precise about what kind of lists are possible inputs. Let’s write a grammar to describe these nested lists of symbols: Definition 7 (s-list, s-exp) ¥ ¤ £¢ S-exp Symbol  S-list :: S-exp :: S-list An s-list is a list of s-exps, and an s-exp is either an s-list or...
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