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6 use the integral test to show that the series

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Unformatted text preview: he integral test to show that the series converges. Then give a bound for the error in using the partial sum S10 as an estimate for the sum S of the series. The function gives the nth term for each positive integer n. It is also strictly positive. And since its derivative, , is negative for all positive x-values, then the conditions of the integral test are met. So then, the series converges if, and only if, the improper integral converges. The indefinite integral is so the definite integral is and the improper integral is This much shows that the series converges. The error involved in using S10 to estimate S is bounded by the improper integral, as follows. 7. Use the limit comparison test to determine whether the series to determine whether the series converges. Specify the series that you are using in your test, and keep trying until you find a series that works. I will use , which converges by the p-series test. For this test we consider the limit Since this limit is finite, and the second series converges, then so does the first series. 8. Use the ratio test on the positive series to determine whether it converges. For the ratio t...
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