lecture7 Input Output and Secondary Memory 2013

Bridges the gap between cd rom and dynamic memory

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Unformatted text preview: mory • Non Volatile Solid State Memory • Small, Convenient and Reliable up to >10K writes • Random Access • Relatively expensive in terms of cost/Mb • Prices dropping every day, capacity increasing! • Bridges the Gap between CD-ROM and Dynamic Memory SanDisk Flash Card One Gigabyte on a chip...and growing! The future disk technology Looks like a hard drive storage unit — but there are no moving parts inside. MILLIONAIRE QUIZ SHOW Output Peripherals • video display monitors • monochrome and color • CRT and LCD • printers • character, line, and page • sound and voice output • MIDI synthesizers Input Peripherals • keyboard • mouse • scanners • digital cameras and imagers • sound digitizers • Video digitizers • Sensors (temp, pressure, humidity, vibration, speed, chemical, etc, etc,) Connecting all this stuff • Parallel Bus • Contains many signal paths for very fast data transfer • Bulkier, expensive cable and connectors • Limited distance capability • Serial Bus • Limited paths • Lower cost, lower size, lower weight • Longer distance (generally) • Wireless • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Äarallel / Serial Bus P ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄ Ä Flat Parallel Computer Cable Serial Computer Cable Where are parallel busses used? • All of the paths inside the CPU and between the CPU, main memory and video processor are implemented using parallel busses for the very fastest transfer rates. • Any plug in cards use parallel busses as well as internal magnetic and optical disk drives. • Most of these busses are either 16, 32 or 64 bits wide Where are serial busses used? • Serial busses are primarily used to connect external devices and peripherals. The data transfer rates of peripherals connect...
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