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6present the results to the user the servers

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Unformatted text preview: ctions include: 1.Listen for a client's query. 2.Process that query. 3.Return the results back to the client PC’s (Personal Computers) PC We’ve been talking about these all ve semester semester Typically used as clients or Typically standalone machines standalone Larger PC’s can also be used as small can servers servers The lines become more blurred over The time time Other types of PC’s Other PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) Game Computers (Playstation, XBox) Programmable Calculators Palm Tops Limited memory and expansion Limited capability and limited I/O capability Micro Controllers Micro Application Specific Computers of Application very small size, low cost and limited function function Designed around their application Simple OS Very cost effective Usually programmed in lower level Usually languages or “C” Typical Micro Controller Applications Applications Robotics Automotive Automotive Automation Systems Appliances Communications Timepieces Computer Peripherals (Disk, Keyboard, Computer Display, CD, etc) Display, Micro Controllers Micro NanoComputing NanoComputing •A nanometer is a bi...
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