These machines were sometimes of the mainframe

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Unformatted text preview: the “mainframe” variety and employ many hundreds of parallel processors processors Cray Research IBM NEC Fujitsu Supercomputing Supercomputing The high-end supercomputer market is where the world's most challenging computing problems are addressed Problems of major economic and scientific importance are often handled by high-end supercomputers years before becoming "tractable" on less-capable systems. Supercomputer Performance Performance A typical performance benchmark is typical the FLOP (Floating Point Operations per Second) per MegaFlops (Million) GigaFlops (Billion) TeraFlops (Trillion) Examples of SuperComputing Applications Applications Weather analysis Rocket Science Encryption/Decryption Virtual Reality Nuclear Research Aerodynamics Simulation Genetics Supercomputers, Cray 1 circa 1980 Supercomputers, Cray T3 Today, 230 GFLOPs! Cray IBM Cluster 1600, just commissi...
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