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Lecture 2 Notes

R1 b d2a r2 b d2a a inputenter a

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Unformatted text preview: t & Output fprintf(‘message to print ’) 25 Lecture 2 The input Command Input & Output n༆  26 variable = input(‘prompt ’) Variable Name r= input(‘Enter radius: ’) = input(‘ Message’); n༆  fprintf(‘message to print ’) where to put the value fprintf(‘Increase ’) fprintf(‘is %f inches\n’, x) fprintf(‘Position (%d,%d)\n’, x,y) a prompt message in quotes Processed after the user hits the <enter> key. Lecture 2 27 Insight Through Computing 8 1/28/14 fprintf! fprintf Used to format output. Example: X = 1.23456789; fprintf(‘x = %5.2f\n’,x)) Possible output formats* fixed point (or floating point) decimal—whole number exponential general—Matlab chooses a format character string %f %d %e %g %c %s Output line will look like x= 1.23 The \n generates a carriage return Examples: %f %15.2f *Use doc fprintf, see formatSpec 28 Insight Through Computing Quad1 w/user input Quad2 w/formatted output % Quad2 % Solves ax^2 + bx + c = 0 % Assumes real roots. r1 = (-b - d)/(2*a) r2 = (-b + d)/(2*a) a = input('Enter a: '); b = input('Enter b: '); c = input('Enter c: '); d = sqrt(b^2 - 4*a*c); r1 = (-b - d)/(2*a) r2 = (-b + d)/(2*a) r1 = (-b - d)/(2*a); r2 = (-b + d)/(2*a); disp(' ') fprintf('Root1 = %10.6f\n',r1)) fprintf('Root2 = %10.6f',r2)) Insight Through Computing Insight Through Computing Script, function and program operation Introduction to Conditionals computation input Insight Through Computing Boolean expressions The If- Else Construct and, or, not output Insight Through Computing 9 1/28/14 So Far n༆  n༆  All the statements in our scripts are executed in order We want to make computation contingent upon various things. We do not have a way to specify that some statements should be executed only under some condition Lecture 3 E.g., if the value of the arithmetic expression Dice1 + Dice2 is seven, then increase the value of the variable GamesWon by one. 55 Insight Through Computing The If- Else Construct Solves this Problem Assume Variables b,c,L,R
 are Initialized We will introduce this language feature by solving problems about the behavior of a given quadratic q( x) = x 2 + bx + c on a given interval L <= x <= R. E.g., Insight Through Computing b c L R = = = = input(‘Enter input(‘Enter input(‘Enter input(‘Enter b’:) c’:) L’:) R’:) Insight Through Computing The Situation Problem 1 xc = −b / 2 2 q( x) = x + bx + c Write a fragment that prints “yes” if q(x) increases across the interval and “no” if it does not. Insight Through Computing L R Insight Through Computing 10 1/28/14 No! Yes! xc = −b / 2 q( x) = x 2 + bx + c xc = −b / 2 q( x) = x 2 + bx + c Requir...
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